A Story of Light, Life and Love

The music plays, his vision fades. A world of darkness envelops his senses. An explosion in the music gives birth to a universe in his mind. Hi finds himself stood in the darkness, surrounded by stars. A presence draws near, a woman of light. A glow of hope, dreams and ambition radiated from skin. She reaches out both hands and grasp his hands. A wave of emotion fills his being, he arches backwards looking into the sky. A beam of light, brighter than the sun explodes from his body and engulfs the world in light. Soon it fades and they stand alone, together in the stars. He brings his arm around her, lifting her other into a posture both strong and powerful. They dance to the music, turning and spinning amongst  the stars. Another explosion in the musics sends him forward towards her, bringing them into a deep embrace. As they turn amongst the stars, all words fade from them. Their clothes falls from their body like autumn leaves in the wind. They are left embracing each others naked bodies. As they forces their bodies together, they being to spin faster and faster. The force is enough to rip them apart, but their love forges a bond stronger than life itself. He clambers effortlessly to her body, as if the forces no longer exists. They spin so fast the they are blur to the observing universe. The music explodes in awe and so do they. Light radiates from both as two form into one. Not longer a person, they have become one. They are become light, the saviors of worlds. A powerful glow is all that remains. As the music grows louder, so too the merged orb of light and life expands. Growing ever larger until the universe is filled with light. They expand beyond the edges of time itself. The light grows and covers the outer edge of the universe turning the unknown into the loved. The light embraces and world and hugs it with tenderous care. The music grows louder while the light intensifies. The light of the two begins to pulsate in chorus with the music, resonating the once beating hearts of the people who’s love grew so large, it covered the world. As the music draws quiet, the universe collapses. And implosion of light explodes into life. He finds himself again embrace in her.


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