The Equality Equation

My whole, socially conscious life i have been bullied and been told i was no good and that i wasn’t going to achieve anything… so i actively strive to do things, “failure is not an option” this created a subconscious belief of social value. this lead to the conclusion of the conflicting emotions. they are based on your perception of social value. For example.

I like the people in society more than they like me

Me < Society.

I there for strive to achieve:

Me = Society

However, due to individual perception every person is individual

Society / People

Now we have we want individual people to like us but so we strive for

Me = Society / people

But because some like us and some do not get confusion and when we go back to perceiving:

Me < society / people

We never see the good and we never notice the people that actually do like us. so behind us we accidentally cause:

Society / people < Me

This is where the magic happens. because this is an infinite loop of:

Society / People < Me < Society / People < Me < Society / Me

this is the loop that repeats forever.

Value creates the illusion that what you is worth more than what you have because you are constantly being reminded of how terrible your life is because you don’t have what others have. so you accidentally neglect the good in what you do have. because you are being told that what you have is shit. so when this is applied to relationships it means that the people you like that don’t like you must be better or higher social value than you. that means that anyone you like that then likes you immediately like you becomes of no value because they like you for you and you keep getting told that the you that you are is shit. so they cant be any good. so you feel trapped until you are freed. then you like something again of higher value than you and they happen to like you to and so they immediately again must be of low value. so you feel trapped again.

you have:

Love > Me = Me < Love

creating another infinite loop of no balance. so drop your perception of value (which is harder than it sounds) and you will have:

Me = society / people = (Me = Love)


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