The Nothing Problem

Nothingness, it is almost impossible to imagine. If I say to you, image a state of nothingness, you would probably exists in darkness, but is darkness not something? You are identifying it as something so it must have some property. There may be no physical matter or energy or anything for that matter. But there is still darkness. I believe the reason is our perception of nothing. As previously discussed, everything we perceive is information. When there is no information there is no perception, this intern creates the perception of darkness. However, the only reason why we perceive darkness as nothing is due to our reliance on visual perception. Is the idea of nothing for me the same as the idea of nothing for a person who is blind? For him, the idea of light and dark has never been a contrast. Darkness can not exist if we have no previous experience of light. We may still perceive darkness, but its meaning is altered. I don’t believe that darkness can constitute nothingness, so what can? Let us look at the property of information again. Information has two properties, to be something or to be nothing. You can either perceive information or you cannot. It is a yes or no principle, it is an on or off switch, it is one or the other.

The property of information is very important. The system of one or the other, or on or off is a system we use everyday. The basic version is our light switch, the light is either on or off, doing something or doing nothing. The complex version of this, and this is the one that almost identically mimics the information of the universe, is binary code. One switch is either on or off, a 1 or a 0, it can never be both and has no purpose by itself. A piece of information switching on or off does almost nothing by itself, however, just as in binary code, if we connect this information into bigger structures, they being to interact with each other on a larger scale. Zoom in on the functionality and you get binary code, of course binary code is just a fancy name we have placed onto the process of information switching on and off. I believe that if you zoom in on the core surface of the universe you will find this system. When you look at it, something will either be doing something or nothing. It cannot do anything else, the something means you can perceive it, which means you can derive meaning from it, that meaning in most cases are the identifying features. For example, zoom in on a hydrogen atom and you get the combined information that tells you something is a proton, neutron and an electron. We know that this information has a property that can combine with other things to create more complex things like a molecule, which has different surface information, more complex than that of an atom. Molecules combine to create yet again more complex systems such as a cell. This cell again has different surface information. Cells combine to form humans, which have very complex informational structures. But can we go further? Yes, the connection continues. Consider that as a human you are your individual switch in the grand social structure of the planet. Your switch is more complex, this complexity is build up of the almost infinite combination of information switches that make you. We manipulate these switches through conscious action. This action has direct effect on the social global social structure. This has become even more prevalent the more we grow our ability for international connection. So now we have all of the individual on off switch that exists in each person and we combine that information into a planetary social structure that another “alien” race would perceive as the information of Humans. That is all they would know when they first see earth, they will always pickup on the surface information first.

Surface information can be very deceiving. Consider yourself to be an alien and you see humans for the first time. You see wars and conflicts, when you tune into their radio signals, satellite signals and such, you see the new reports of wars, misery, pain, hate and so much more. This saturation of negative media will quickly build a negative perception of human existence. This may lead you to believe that humans are a race who define themselves on hate. We as humans are very aware of our own individuality and we hold onto such things. We also are very aware that I am not the same as you, this is true for every person. We hate stereotyping, we do not like to be told that we are the same as a person we have negative opinion of. This happens often in a work place. The company has a policy that we do not agree with, yet we still have to implement it. This makes a customer believe that we are the bad person even though the choice has been removes and we are forces to transmit the negative perception through the information we become in that moment. Let us return to the “alien” analogy. As we zoom in on earth, we begin to see a division in people. As we study humans we become aware of territories and the visual differences between people. As we scrutinize this further we begin to see cultural differences and solid difference in the information that makes up each individual human. As we look closer and closer at any system, we begin to see its complexity. This is very true for geopolitics. We are presented with an overall view of different social structures. Christians, Muslims, Jews, Brown, White, tall, short, fat, thin. Everything is different when you look at it close enough. But we tied it all under the same brush, when people look at the social group of Islam, they hear war, terror and extremism in the ears of the west. When Iraqi, Afghani, Pakistani and Iranian people hear of the west, the United States and Europe they tied us all under western culture and see drug use, disrespect towards our women, they see the lazy and the power hungry, they see our capitalistic mind sets and our need to spread our belief of democracy and freedom to the world. These view points are created when we look at the most negative aspects of the Muslim culture, just as their view points are formed by focusing on the most negative of our culture. The truth however is that no person is their culture, nobody has exactly the same belief system and not everyone has the same idea of right or wrong. National boarders are not real, they are a line we have drawn in the sand. People are people, humans are humans and beliefs are beliefs. Look at the people you meet and do not judge them on the previous actions of their people, in truth, do not judge them on their own previous actions. Every moment is a new moment with new possibilities. Learn the information that is current to your reality and build your beliefs and opinions around that. We are all the same at our core, we are all just information perceiving other bits of information.

Welcome back to square one, everything is different and everything is the same. Above I demonstrate how information changes depending on how closely you look at it. We went from Humans and then zoomed in on our national boarders, then we zoom in on cultures and then we zoomed into each individual person. What if we zoom in closer. Now we get down to the information of individual organs, bacteria, cells, molecules and atoms. For many years we believed that atoms were the building blocks of the universe, which in truth they are, but no more than you are a building block in your cultural structure. Information will always combine to create more complex information with more abilities and more elaborate purposes. But what happens when we zoom in on Atoms, we see Quarks. Is it possible to go further, well yes it has to be. But what would we see? well we would probably see another few layers of building blocks, until we get down to the core layer of the universe, the information layer. This layer is covered in infinite points of single information. This information is nothing more than an on off switch like we see in binary code. There is either information there or there is not information there. Information is just something that can be perceived, if it can be perceived it has information that does something. At this level of existence, its purpose is to either be on or off, it is how it connects with the other switches around it that are on that affects what the information does. This is the same principle with binary code.

Binary is a combination of on and off switches. We know them as 0 or 1. This bit of information can do nothing by itself, but if you place eight of these next to each other and they begin to mean something.

For example:

01000001 = the letter “A”
01100001  = the letter “a”

When these switches connect in the specific orders demonstrated above they combine to create the information of “A”or “a”. The letter has at this point come from nothing. If you remove seven of the switches all you have left is a switch that is either on or off like a light switch, it is either something or it is nothing. Combine it with other switches in a specific order and you may perceive those switches to be a photon. There are an infinite amount of these switches in our universe. there are no gaps, there is not a single point in space where there is no switch. The way to demonstrate this principle is easier than you may expect. Consider two point a meter apart, first you draw a dot at the half way point. Now we have half a meter, then we draw at dot in the middle of that line, not we have a quarter of our original line. But we at the same time have a whole line the length of quarter of a meter. Now half that and we have an eighth of a meter. Now keep cutting it in half. You will never get to the start point. There are an infinite amount of halves. Now apply this principle to the switches in the universe. Consider that that two switches are one nanometre apart, in that nanometre there are an infinite amount of switches that can either turn on or off depending on the connection they mate to the infinite amount of switches around them. These infinite switches have come together to make me. Just like this example:

Binary: 010011110110110001101001011101100110010101110010
Meaning: Oliver

This combination of on and off switches have combined to give the meaning of my name, just as the switches of information in the universe have come together to make me. But I am not me, I am what you perceive me to be. What you think I am is very different come what I consider myself to be. What you think I am is very different from what I consider myself to be. Information itself is nothing, it is no more real than code. It is either doing something or it is doing nothing.

As we look into the universal void of space we are looking at on or off switches. Asteroids, Planets, Stars, Solar systems, Galaxies and the universe itself is just a massive combination of something and nothing. Everything we perceive is the combination of on switches interacting and connecting with one another. Information by itself is nothing, meaning that at the core of everything there is nothing. It is simply our perception, our senses that tell us that there is something. We study this something to determine what it is and what it does. It is no different from coding. What are the rules of the code.

Consider a wall, at the surface of it your perception is a solid object. Look closer and you can study the rock that makes the wall. Look closer and you can determine what that rock is made of. Look even closer and you can determine what the structure of rock is made of and what it does. This process will repeat until you zoom in so far the you can either see some or nothing.


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