A Sense of Totality

Everything, nothing, wholeness, oneness, totality and singularity. These are all words that we use to describe the interconnectivity of everything. The statements that everything is one, that everything is connected, that everything is the same and that everything is nothing, is to us a living conscious’ a mirror of confusion, an oxymoron, a contradiction. As a living person i am aware that i connect with others but we are not the same. Our perceptions of reality will always be individual and therefore we cannot be the same. I am not you and you are not me someone else, therefore we are not one. Even at the atomic level i am something therefore i am not nothing. However, all of this is only truth in my perception of reality. The interconnectivity in the universe exists at the smallest level. Currently the smallest level of existence we can experience is quantum theory. Some have studied the fabric of the universe and the information they received acted like the ones and zeros that we use inside every computer. This to me doest not necessarily mean that we live inside a computer program like the matrix, even though this is not an impossibility. It does however open the possibility that the system of ones and zeros, off and on switches that we use in binary code works on the same principles as the information transfer in the universe. So what is information? Is it a picture? some writing? or just media in general? I think it is something more than that, something a lot more simple. Information is meaning, if you can derive meaning from something then it can be considered information. This means that information is non physical entity, derived from physical constructs of energy. The discovery of the Higgs Boson as helps us understand how mass comes to be. It demonstrates that all mass comes from energy. Einstein theorised this his theory of relativity. The energy that flows through the brain is no different from the energy that flows through the processor of a computer. All energy is information and we derive meaning from the information that the energy provides.

Understanding that mass is energy and that energy is information can be a hard concept to fathom. I want to simplify this in the only way I know how, by attempting to visualise the basic principle. Consider an chair in an empty room with a bright light in the ceiling. As you look at the chair, you can perceive its mass, you are aware that there is an object in front of you that you would consider a chair. The chair is made up of mass that was created through the Higgs Boson, this mass I made of energy. The energy that is the chair is translated into information that you can derive meaning from. Since energy is a non physical thing, we can determine that the chair is not there. We simple perceive an object to be there due to the information we receive. Whether we can move through the object or not is irrelevant as the information is telling us that we can’t. It is not the chair itself that stops us from moving through it, it is the rules that govern the information that is the chair. These rules are visible everywhere, gravity is energy created by mass, but the energy that pull us is nothing more than information. So what is information? I believe information is the totality, the everything and the nothing. Information is the only concept we can work by that can both be something and nothing at the same time. Information is simply meaning derived form a consciousness.

The idea that information is everything and nothing creates a worrying notion that everything is based on the nothingness of information. That in turn means that we and our consciousness is nothing. We simply consider ourselves to be something because of the way we perceive information. We always look for the physical for explanation, however, if we look at the nothingness in the universe I believe we will find more answers. The real question is, how do we measure nothing. Sciences is limited to perception. We are all limited to and limited by our perception of reality, yet reality itself has no limitation. We speak of limitation to where we can store information, but is the information in itself limited? I find it unlikely since information is nothing, it is meaning. If information governs the universe, I means that everything is nothing and has the possibility to be anything and everything.  The limitation of individual perception is like the room with the chair. It is what it is because you perceive it to be what you perceive it to be.

Let us imagine a new room. This room is divided in half by a wall with a large square whole in the middle. You stand on one side of the wall and look through to a person stood on the other side of the window. You can see one side of the room, other can see the other side. You can see the other person and they can see you, however you cannot see their full room and they cannot see yours. Imagine a box of reality, based on everything you senses can perceive. the box would fill your room and a small segment of your box of perception would cross into the other room. Anything that exists inside the shared box of perception is simple to explain and define, however, if you were to explain what is on your side of the room that the other person cannot perceive, or visa versa. It would be almost impossible to give a definitive meaning to the other person as they receive no information of reality, they only receive the basic information of the meaning from the person explaining. This does not allow the person to perceive that reality, only the ability to derive an idea of the un-experienced reality.

There are always two catagories of reality. The experienced reality which you can perceive and interact with, and the un-experienced reality, the reality that is outside of your perception. Reality is a continuum, it is everywhere and everything. Remembering the box of perception will help you to relate to the idea of the two different realities. Anything outside of your box of perception is an un-experienced reality. For example, in my reality currently, the Atlantic ocean does not exist. It still exists in the un-experienced reality and the information of the Atlantic ocean is still doing what it is doing. However if I cannot perceive the information of the Atlantic ocean, can I every truly be sure that it exists. Such a question is irrelevant as the only truth I can derive from the information in the universe comes from the information that currently exists inside my box of perception. Reality is only ever what you can perceive, it is never anything more or anything less, it simply is was you believe it is. Reality is the meaning that you derive from the information in the universe.

The question that struck me at this point was “what is information?” Information is just a word, which gives a perfect opportunity to explain what information is. When you see the word “Information” you derive meaning from it, in truth there is no meaning in reading such a word, you create that meaning yourself. However, for you to create such a meaning you have to first perceive something in your reality that can create such a meaning. In the case of the word “Information” it is the combination of drawn symbols that create individual meaning, individual bits of information that we combine to derive complex meaning. So is information the individual letters? Well, and here comes the complicated part, yes and no. Information is derived from the combinations of the letters, but what if we look smaller, if we zoom in on the letter we get many different bit of information that combine to make the letter. For example, the ink on a page is a mixture of the atoms that make up the ink and the atoms that make up the paper. We combine all of the atoms to derive meaning from the letters form. But what of the Atoms, they are just a combination of quarks, and small yet we have the combination of particles and energy and if you look at the structure of energy, what do we get? Information on a screen that is made up of exactly the combination we just talked about to created large scale combinations that we can derive meaning from. For example, if we were to fire single photons (information packages of light) onto a screen and measure their impact points on a computer screen, the information you are looking at is meaning derived from a single photon, illustrated by trillions of photons reflecting off the computer screen. Regardless of where you look you get information.
Now I just said allot of words without saying what information is. Everything is made up of Information, information is the ability to derive meaning from something while identifying its identifying features. Imagine two people observing each other, one is picking up the information of the other. Now consider you are looking at a ball, you are receiving the information form the ball onto your eyeball, the ball is information and the signals it sends to your eye is information just at the information from your eye is being translated in the information that makes up your brain. But if I remove you and I remove the Ball I have nothing. Information does not exist if the information of the atoms that make up what you are perceiving does not exist. However, as atoms themselves are only information used to give meaning so that we can perceive them then they too are nothing unless they are being perceived. Forget mass, Einstein and Higgs have already demonstrated that everything is energy, and energy is only information that interacts with other information. Just like you are just information perceiving the information on this screen.

noun: information
  1. 1.
    facts provided or learned about something or someone.
    “a vital piece of information”
  2. 2.
    what is conveyed or represented by a particular arrangement or sequence of things.
    “genetically transmitted information”

This is the dictionary definition of information. Facts are always based on the perception or conclusion that information gives us. Conveyed or represented relates to meaning. Both description explain how information is what it is and information is the meaning represented by outcome of the perception. We can never pinpoint what information is, but it is everything and it is nothing at the same time. Everything is information and information is nothing unless it is being perceived and meaning is derived from it. The universe is just information. Me, you, planets, stars, galaxies and everything in between is based on the rules of information. Information is everything and nothing, it is wholeness and it is totality.

People talk about the sense of wholeness and totality, that everything is one and that everything is nothing. This sensation is when you allow yourself to exist at the core of your consciousness. Meditation, near death and all the other experiences that give the perception that everything is connected is when you become aware of the connection in everything, when you become aware that everything everywhere is nothing more than information. Since information is everything while information itself is made of nothing, we come to the conclusion that everything created from nothing through the perception of information and the meaning placed upon it.


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