The Body and Mind Coexistence

I have often found myself confused by the constant contradiction of life. We want to do one thing but think we should do another, the search for the “right” choice to take. After allot of thought on the subject I have come to a conclusion. The body exists in linear state of time, the body is born and then it will die. It has a beginning and an end. The consciousness exists in a circular state of time. It continuously experiences moments, as soon as one moment ends another begins. The consciousness perceives time through its focus on the specific moment it is existing in. This connects to Einsteins statement “Time is relative.”

Our Bodies always guide us towards a better future, the body has needs and wants that it guides the consciousness to take action towards. The body will keep the alive consciousness  fore as long the consciousness obeys. However the consciousness evolves through each repetition of moments. We will call this the creating of experiences. As the body evolves and gets stronger through its wants, so does the consciousness through the creation of experience. It too learns to evolve. Just as the body grows through the actions of the consciousness, the consciousness grows within the organ of the brain. One cannot exist without the other (As humans who consider existence). As the consciousness grows it develops a belief system based on the experiences it has been the subject of. This belief system creates wants for the consciousness. When this happens, there are two entities in one existence have that have separate wants. This can either align or conflict and create either happiness or sadness.

People often find meaning in contradictions. Saying such as “In order to move forward, we must first go back.” This sentence has allot of contradicting meaning, “In order to move forward” is the body getting stronger, it is linear it can never move backwards. “We must first go back” This is the consciousness looking back over experiences learning the actions it should take in the current now based on the outcome of previous, relatable experiences. I believe the body accepts the words at the beginning while the consciousness accepts the words at the end, satisfying both wants of both entities in one existence.

Conflicts and contradictions often happen when the two entities interact. For example, new experiences often create conflict and confusion. The body wants to move forward, it has no opinion of external environment. The body may have vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell, however, these are all connected to the conscious leaving it to deal with the information it receives. This links back to the A – B – C of inter consciousness communication, ¬†where A = The Transmitter, B = The Signal and C = The Receiver. The body cannot extrapolate and analyse information it receives, it has no perception of future or past, it will always keep moving forward and keep growing and will actively create opportunities for the consciousness to take action towards growth. As the body moves forward the consciousness becomes aware that the experiences it is having or the environments it is interacting in is unfamiliar and will therefore begin to withdraw back to familiarity. This is where the conflict occurs, As consciousness wants to withdraw it sends signals to the body telling it “This is bad, this goes against my wants.” This changes the “attitude” of the body from, “I want to grow”, to “I want to survive”. As the body changes its attitude towards survival mode, it begins to release a catalogue of hormones that change the bio chemistry of the brain in which the consciousness exists. Just as the body is at the mercy of the actions of the consciousness, so is the consciousness at the mercy of the bodies influence over brain chemistry.