To Inspire Awe In Ones Self

It is my personal belief that the ability to inspire awe in one self in any given moment is a true demonstration of overall social stability. The stability of happiness vs sadness or in its most pragmatic state of life vs death. It is to me that happiness is the ability to elevate yourself farther and farther away from death. The happier you are the less you are dead. To inspire awe in yourself is to take control of you own personal happiness level in any given moment by inspiring yourself to see and be apart of the moment and see the awe that it is what it is.

I first discover the true power of this ability when I inspired so much awe in myself that I began to laugh with overwhelming awe. I was looking at my girlfriend. She was sleeping on the bed while i was listening to music (typical late Thursday night). At first I was just looking at her as if it was any other moment. However, as i keep looking at her I begin to notice the subtle details, the curves of her body, the vibrant colours of her hair, the way her hair falls. how peaceful she looks. As I keep looking at her i begin to notice the parts of the moment that are not visible, such as the fact that she is my girlfriend. Taking that further I see that we call the concept of two people a partnership, even more so we call it life partners. As i hear that it immediately brings up a library of recent moments I have shared with her and I see how in those moments I truly would consider her a partner in life, or at least a partner in that moment. I can see how she directly affects my decision making in the moment. I take her best interests into consideration at all times. I consider her to be more than me and would there fore rather but my self in a negative pathway to allow her the positive one. This all sounds very romanticized, in reality it means that if we went to the shops i would carry home the shopping to spare her the burden. This I would believe is very real in most relationships on different levels. But in that moment when I look at her and see her for not only the beautiful physical thing she is, I also invision the reality of her being my partner in this moment. A life partner.

All of this is just the beginning. I quickly realise the beauty in the mathematical chance that me and her beat the odds over and over just to get to the point where we had the opportunity to meet let alone beat the odds again to have the chemistry and opportunity to fall in love. Yet somehow through all the chaos of life here I am sat in this room just looking at what life gave me instead of wishing it was more than the awe inspiring reality it actually is.

It is the ability to inspire awe in ones self in any moment that yields the truest of happiness.


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