Love. I has been the biggest mystery in my life. I have come to understand that love is always new, it will always be different. We all talk about the love we have already experienced, and we talk about imaginations of what we want love to be. It seems to me that very few of us sit down to appreciate love for what it is in the moment. This mindset of creating magical romantic moments to always demonstrate love through action. I think my perception of love was that of desire and passion for what the future held. In the moment I always neglected seeing what was right in front of me. My future is my imagination and the past is a story I tell myself. However, the moment is honesty, its truth, the moment is what it is, it cannot be any different from what it is. That tell me that I should remove all stereotypes and perceptions of what love is or what it should be. The honest truth of love lies in the moment. The real question is, am I allowing love to show me what it is or am I trying to tell love what it is? I feel that in my past I have been telling love what it should be, that in turn has caused me to tell the person I was in love with what love is. If I am telling someone what love is then I am not allowing them to show me what love is. My conclusion is that I have never allowed love to simply be what it is, I have been too busy trying to alter it to fit my imagination of love.

I talked previously about the Freedom in Choice. The choices we make determine the direction we take in life. I am my own guide. I am both the Teacher and the Student. I believe that by allowing love to just be what it is, and allowing it to grow as it will, I will find more love in my life. I want to explain that when i talk of love i talk of happiness, the love that is in all. If I allow them to be them, to be the love that they have inside then their love will be allowed to be projected more clearly for what it is, not what my imagination believes it should be. Allowing myself to see love for what it is, and simply trying to identify it. If I can simply allow love to be regardless of its form or perception, then I can find piece in what I have made a war against love, for love. Choices is whether you want to be a part of what is going on around you now or if you want to find something else that could make you happier than what you are in the moment.

Allowing love to be what it is in the moment and accepting it for what it is, is love itself.


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