Choice is Freedom

I feel like writing again. I use that as my opening line because that is the subject of this post. Not writing, more doing what you feel like you want to do. In my life for a long time, when I say a long time I mean for about 25 years I have always done what others felt was best for me. I sculptured myself on the principles of the social groups I was interacting with. I doubt I am the only person that does this. I am sure we all know that one person that can just get on with any kind of subcultural group (Party Animals, VIPs, Rockers, Hippies, etc). They have a natural ability to open their own perspective and accept that other people are just different. That their view point on how the world is and how it should be is simply different from your own.

When it comes to disagreement on any subject and regardless of the energy level of the disagreement (From a passionate discussion to a punch in the face). It all comes down to two conciousness’ (People) having a different opinion of what is going on in the present now and what should be going on. You can break this down in the form of someone taking your pen, while in your reality you need the pen for a current task that is happening in your “now”. When the person taking the pen disrupts the current flow of your “now”, you will instinctively try to restore flow in your now. You ask for the pen back while the thief explains he just need to write down a phone number. Critical point. There is a choice here. accept that you have two different perspectives of the “now” and allow him to finish the necessity in his “now” or do you only see it from your perspective and demand the pen back in order to restore your flow? Let us try to imagine two scenarios of each perspective, the acceptance and the self determined.

First we will look at the self determined. As he reacts to retrieve the pen he will be demonstrating to the pen snatcher that he desperately requires the pen in his now. Most likely the snatcher will give it back and question why borrowing a pen for a proximately 30 seconds was such a big deal. This could lead to a dislike between the two people. The self determined person could however show acceptance and allow the snatcher to have the pen for the time he requires before returning the pen. This could lead to a positive connection between the two people and potentially lead to a friendship or help strengthen an already excising friendship. It is easy to see which answer is the correct answer right? or is it? In my opinion there is no right or wrong answer. What happens is simply what happens. Every moment is the climactic ending of all previous moments. This ending is everlasting as every new millisecond brings an infinite amount of new passing moments. Things happen the way they do not because that is what they were meant to do, but because all the previous moments that have happened have had actions taken that lead to the moment you are in now. It could have been an almost infinite amount of other actions but it was not. It is never anything more than what it is. This is why there is no right or wrong answer to the previous question. In each persons perception of the reality they are in, they will both have to decide whether the situations live up to their moral and ethical values in life.

However, just like any other system in nature, there is a best potential outcome for the system of life. In the above example I would say it was the latter. The outcome that allows for the best energy to flow in the moment. For me that is the positive social energy of love (fear being negative energy). The love we see in the second out come is that of sharing, helping another person through this chaotic thing we call life. When you consider all of the information your brain has to store and process at any given moment, the fact that you need a pen, someone has one, and you can’t borrow it would only add to all the thing that individual has to already do. In that moment you not only aid them in the chaos, and you get to relax for the 30 seconds they write what they need to write. In those 30 seconds we get to sit back and be aware of the moment that person is in while positive energy is flowing. This moment would most likely end with a smile, a thank you and a farewell. The first outcome happened in my eyes due to fear. Not allowing a person to borrow a pen would most likely be created from the emotion of fear. This could be the fear of the pen not returning, forgetting the important and mind blowing sentence you were about to write or any other excuse you can conjurer up based on negative energy.It would be impossible for a human to live a full life and have every action he takes be on that benefits every person without having any negative feedback from anyone. This is because we all have that individual idea of what is going on and what should be going on.

Awareness for me is the key. In the moments where the clash between two peoples opinions happens, I focus myself on the moment. Reaching the point of highest potential awareness in any given situation will slow the moment down. It will allow you to process the situation more in the moment rather than linger after the event has passed. If you focus your awareness on the now you will be able to see the choice you have. Because you do have choice. In every single action you take you have choice. However, most of the choices we make we leave up to instincts. If the person who had the pen allowed himself to be fully aware in the situation of the merciless pen snatcher he would be able to quickly see one of the many potential positive outcomes.

If you allow yourself to be aware in a moment, you will truly take it in. Choice is your freedom. We cannot choose how we feel or are. All we can choice is how we deal with it. Therefore I wanted to write. So I did.

I want to remind you that what I write is not fact, it is an idea. We do not have the technology now and we might never have to find a measurable answer to everything. What I write is my ever growing moral and ethical perception of reality. This is how i guide myself to live the most positive life I can for me.



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